In the Name of Allah The Lord of Universe 

Rabbi Ben Abrahamson is one Jewish Rabbis today that influence many young moslem in the world now..

He had website Alsadiqin.org  and facebook page that has been liked by many jews and moslem..

Even the Turkish Islamic secular Adnan Oktar or Harun Yahya had refer him as great rabbi that promote peace between Jewish and Muslim world..

But they don’t aware his peaceful iniatiave was base on pluralism thought ..

Bit by bit, he will bring his muslim fans believe that Islam is religion for gentile (non-Jews) with seven laws of Noah

And  Jews is religion for Jewish people so they have to bond to Torah law and have no obligation to became a moslem..

And so the Christianity is religion for Christiian that they have to bond to their Injil law and have no obligation to became a moslem..

This will bring consequences muslim became pluralis that three or more religions in the world is each pathway to Kingdom of God..

This belief was one of the nullifier Islam..

For whoever does not consider the polytheists as disbelievers or whoever has doubt concerning their disbelief or whoever considers their way as correct has committed an act of disbelief himself..

“And whoever seeks a Religion other than Islaam, it will never be accepted from him and in the Hereafter, he will be from
among the losers.” [Surah Aali `Imraan: 85]

wa Shollallahu ala Muhamaad the last prophet  wassallam alaihi